Beers Past

Availability: Sept thru April

ABV: 5.5%

This is our rendition of a Dry Irish Stout, circa 1890. Deep roasted malt is what makes a stout a stout, and years ago the fire of the kiln would have added its distinct smoky flavor during the roasting process. Three Feet Deep rekindles that lost flavor with a small addition of peat smoked malt. At 14.4° Plato, this is not a heavy beer, but you wouldn't know it as the round and earthy quality of peat fills your senses. Our stout is a return to County Cork and the warmth of the Irish hearth.


The Daily Page: Beer Here -- Three Feet Deep from Furthermore - 01/16/08

Looking for a big, dark, warm beer to take the chill off a snowy day? Furthermore Beer's Three Feet Deep will melt your cares away.

The Onion's St. Patrick's Day Alternatives! - 04/05/10

Of Thermo Refur: "Smilin' eyes for: the adventurous, the pretentious, and those who need to maximize drunkenness while drinking as few beers as possible." Of Three Feet Deep: Furthermore sells this dry Irish stout year-round, but may be the most balanced of the locally brewed stouts The A.V. Club has tasted.

Draft Review: Three Feet Deep - 01/09/15

A lovely waft of peat works through this impressive dry stout’s roasted, toasted malt aroma. Beautifully silky on the tongue, the mouthfeel is a brilliant showcase of bold malt: Roasted grains and swirls of coffee spread out while an elegant undercurrent of peat smoke evokes the Irish countryside. Just a hint of chocolate balances out the darker flavors as this creamy, sessionable stout fades into the finish.

What Say You?

  • Tiger said on 01/03/2013 ...

    I'm only luke warm to stout's preferring a porter, but Three Feet Deep is an awsome beer, much more drinkable than the average stout. I plan to drink more of it soon.

  • Buhbuhbeasted said on 02/05/2012 ...

    Stouts are my steadfast beer of choice and Furthermore's Three Feet Deep is hands down my favorite. Being from Northern Illinois originally and now living in Philly, a self-proclaimed beer city, it's great to see AND BUY your cases at my local distributor. Thanks for a great complex stout and keep up the great work!!!

  • bad boy said on 10/07/2011 ...

    @heidwrite: i buy my three feet deep at a store called beans and barley on milwaukee east side

  • heidwrite said on 12/14/2009 ...

    My was up in SE WI and, just for me, stopped at Woodman's in Kenosha to get some Three Feet Deep No Three Feet Deep. What gives? A guy in Chicago wants to know, if he can't get it at Woodman's, where does he -- or his wife -- get it? Great beer. Dave

  • bacongulch said on 11/25/2009 ...

    Simply fantastic stout! The peat is a delicious component. The only way to drink this is to roll it around and let it fill the palate. Its dry finish lingers so comfortably that savoring the flavor between the imbibing is a delight. But, the taste buds beg to lay another padding.

  • Dr. StrangeDub said on 11/19/2009 ...

    Well...I stumbled upon Furthermore Three Feet Deep afew weeks back and had to try it based on the peat smoked malt. As a homebrewer of 20 years, only recently have my brewing partner and I tried peat smoked malt - for our heavy Scotch Ale. I was quite surprised to see peat smoked malt in a Stout. And frankly, having been disappointed by many so-called "smoked" beers, I didn't really expect much in the way of smokey flavor.

    Happy to say I was quite wrong. This is a wonderful semi-dry stout, and the peat smokiness comes through very nicely. I highly recommend this brew...and will buy it whenever I am lucky enough to find it.