Beers Past

Availability: Always

ABV: 4.5%

It's not just about the best beer, but the best places to enjoy it. American Players Theatre and its festive, open-air venue have inspired us to craft an elegant, light-bodied and "proper" English Ale. At 12° Plato, the Proper is fairly light, with subtle toasty notes and a slight sweetness garnered from a touch of Munich and Caramel Malts. 15.5 IBUs (bitterness units) is enough to sharpen the mouthfeel without coming across as bitter. The hop bill is at its core, English—Kent Golding being the dominant player but we've employed “Brewer's License” and thrown in some very non-English Tettnang hops—because it tastes good. Furthermore Proper is a toast to APT, a Spring Green gem.