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ABV: 7.3%

Floating Fire refers to the mythic ritual of the fiery Viking funeral, and it is intended to provide all one would need for a happy afterlife. It has rye malt for spice, smoke malt for fire, and tangy hibiscus that twist the citric hops and sparks a red hue. It's the all-in-one ale for the party of a lifetime. 102 IBU.


Beer Baron: A Furthermore IPA fit for a rowdy, flaming burial at sea - 12/17/14

The Vikings were legendary hedonists, and the party really got started when a Viking died.

“Intoxicating drinks” are prominently featured in historical accounts of Viking death rites, along with plenty of practices that are less acceptable by today’s cultural standards. The funerals culminated in the deceased being set adrift in a burning ship.

That waterborne pyre is the namesake of Floating Fire, the latest offering from Furthermore Beer. It’s an extension of the Viking theme begun this spring with Viking Afternoon, a session India pale ale made with smoked malt.