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Fallen Apple

Availability: Apple Harvest (Fall Seasonal - Starts September 1 (Trees Willing))

ABV: 6.2%

Our goal in building the recipe for Fallen Apple was to create a seasonal specialty that was in and of itself a celebration. We start with fresh-pressed cider from early harvest apples we get from Kickapoo Orchards in Gays Mills. Fermentation leaves the cider tart and champagne-like. We then brew a cream ale designed to put some sweetness and body back into the beer, which rounds out the sour apple notes. This combination of ethereal apple flavor grounded in an “everyman’s” beer makes for a festive and potent brew.


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"Fresh-pressed, hard apple cider is a seasonal treat as tart and sparkling as Champagne -- it's one of my fall favorites. October becomes a time of tough choices between hard cider and craft beer." READ MORE