Visit Black River Falls

Our new (old) home in Black River Falls

For years, Furthermore was a Spring Green company, using stainless steel at Sand Creek Brewing to get our recipes into a bottle.  On Oct 1st, Furthermore and Sand Creek made it so we would not only be using the tanks at Sand Creeek, but the letterhead as well.  We merged, making official what has been true for for 9 years...Sand Creek is our brewery.  

So we have stripped away a layer of administrative seperation between our companies so that we could spend less time communicating at arms reach and more time tweakng ideas for the next beer. Furthermore Beer will still exist as its own line of beers, but it will do so at the beer's source.  For a brewer, thats a good thing...and a sigh of relief.  It s the difference between buying a ticket on a Greyhound and riding on your own Tour Bus--looks the same on the highway, but its way different on the inside.

We still consider Spring Green to be the center of the Furthermore universe, with American Players Theater and The Sh*tty Barn as our entertainment anchors, and the local taverns, cafes, and retail stores the best places to find the widest selection of our beers.  Now, we simply are able to also say, "Come visit us" in Black River Falls, where the grain has been milled, the gravity checked, and the kegs filled for each of the last 9 years.