Congrats to Isaac Neff!

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2 120 Isaac won the Wisconsin Off Road Series at Cascade Mountain on September 29th. Read more about his victory.  And if you look closely at his picture, you might notice a familiar logo. 

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Motion 414--getting leveled by the playing field

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The Wisconsin government recently inserted into the state budget a motion that makes significant changes to the ways that Beer is allowed to get from the brewer to the retailer. Much of it is meant to shore up the role of the second tier, aka, the wholesaler/distributor. Unfortunately, state brewers were not invited to the table, and they are scared as to the ways their business will be impacted by the new rules of play. Super-duper unfortunate is that the likes of Furthermore Beer (see below) wasn't even considered as a living, breathing entity. The motion literally writes Furthermore Beer out of the game if we don't make some changes. Furthermore Beer will of course opt to change rather than die, so change we will. Nevertheless, its is odd that by passing the legislative process was more important than nurturing the craft brewing, an industry that has both economic legs and popular support.

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